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Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 1
Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 1
Get a preview of the new 3D capabilities (Molehill) in Adobe Flash Player. Thibault Imbert, product manager for the Adobe Flash runtimes, and Luc Beaulieu, CTO at Frima Studio, will showcase what can be done with Molehill using many examples. They'll also share their thoughts about how it will change online gaming in the years to come. This session demonstrates the full potential of Molehill, both technical and artistic.
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  • Added: Oct 05, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:51:31
  • Tags: adobe, 3d, games, Frima Studio, Luc Beaulieu, MAX 2011, Next-Generation, Stage 3
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