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What Lies ahead for Social Advertising Themes and Trends
What Lies ahead for Social Advertising Themes and Trends
Paid social media revenues are predicted to grow from the $4.6 billion cited in 2012 to over $9.2 billion in 2016. These figures account for investments in all facets of paid social media advertising. As marketers and advertisers rationalise this very real advertising channel in their entire paid media mix, new opportunities to reach customers, create engagement, broaden brand awareness, and encourage direct response continue to present themselves. Presenters: Twitter: Bruce Daisley, Director Bastiaan Ellen, Director, Social Media Marketing
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The Value of Social
The Value of Social
At our Digital Marketing meetup in London a few weeks ago, we got talking to our community about the value of social media for businesses - from measuring ROI to developing a strategy. Check out what they had to say (and see if you can spot yourself!). Learn more about Adobe Social:
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