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FrameMaker Publishing Server 12 Overview
FrameMaker Publishing Server 12 Overview
As information we create and platforms we deliver to proliferate we are faced with growing publishing challenges: how to deliver the right info, in the right amount, to the right people, at the right time and in the right amount. See a diagramatic overview of how FrameMaker Publishing Server 12 meets this challenge.
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Publish your site with Creative Cloud
Publish your site with Creative Cloud
Now your site is ready to share, it’s time to move it to a server. This lesson shows you how to host your site with Adobe Business Catalyst or output HTML code that you can upload to any server you choose.
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Episode 8: The
Episode 8: The "Geek Shirt Designer" - a client-server app built with Edge Animate
In this episode you will learn how to build a simple client-server configurator app with Edge Animate. We will use the potential of SVG interactivity to create a "Geek Shirt Designer App" that not only allows the user to customize the colors of single parts, but also stores the color selection made. This selection then can be displayed on click and send as a JSON object to a PHP script on the server.
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Vikram Verma: Responsive Design with Server-Side Components
Vikram Verma: Responsive Design with Server-Side Components
Adobe Product Manager, Vikram Verma, discusses why responsive design by itself is not the "holy grail" to solve all of tech comm industry problems. Vikram observes that more information is consumed by mobile phones, and desktop consumption is decreasing. The attention span of mobile users is half that of desktop users. It is essential to cater to mobile users. Responsive design with server-side components can allow you to create categories for output devices (e.g. tables, mobile, desktop) and optimize content to create separate responsive design websites. Once you have that, you integrate them all with server-side components like JavaScript which will direct the user to the appropriate version of the website to consume content appropriately.
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What are the required skills and tools to ensure a solid design education today?
What are the required skills and tools to ensure a solid design education today?
Design has to meet the challenges of our digitized communication to serve interdisciplinary approaches, opportunities and needs. At the same time design tools we use today have to support new trends like co-creation, sharing and rapid prototyping, to allow the necessary interactions in a purely iterative design process. In this presentation, Tanja will introduce their new understanding of Design Education at the mhmk, with practice based examples and case-studies on Master and Bachelor Level.
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Advanced PhoneGap Build
Advanced PhoneGap Build
Go beyond the basics of Adobe PhoneGap Build, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, and explore how to use it in real-world scenarios. PhoneGap Build is a hosted build server that lets you build and package PhoneGap applications without installing native SDKs or specific IDEs on your local machine or local build server. In this session, you'll learn:• How to configure the deployment parameters of your application (splash screen, icons, permissions, and so on) in a platform-independent fashion • How to use Hydration to update your application without installing a new version• How to use PhoneGap Build APIs to automate the build process and interface within an existing build or continuous integration process • How to build "inside-the-firewall" applications
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  • Added: May 06, 2013
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