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DPS Webinar: June 2014 Update
DPS Webinar: June 2014 Update
View the recording of the DPS customer webinar hosted by Colin Fleming, Adobe Digital Publishing Evangelist, as he provides an overview of the newest features in DPS v31, the June 2014 Update. Included is a demo by David Schmidt, Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager as he shows the power of the new CRM Integration feature.
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  • Added: Jun 19, 2014
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Internal Apps: June 2014 Update
Internal Apps: June 2014 Update
Internal apps used by corporate have new features in the June 2014 DPS Update. Enterprise customers now have access to third-party API integration to build connections between DPS Apps and tools including Customer Management Systems like and Learning Mangement Systems. These integrations allow DPS apps to record content use and views for later analysis in the CRM, LMS, or other tool. Internal apps can also benefit from requiring folio updates to keep content on devices up to date. This is now supported for DPS apps.
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  • Added: Jun 10, 2014
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Secure Content
Secure Content
Deliver secure folio content to apps, allowing increased protection of sales enablement or internal communications material delivered within an organization. Enable encrypted storage of folio content on the DPS Distribution Service, as well during delivery to a user’s device. Additionally, use Secure Content to protect content on a locked or powered-down device, providing increased security throughout the content experience.
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Monetizing Premium Video Content with Adobe Flash Access
Monetizing Premium Video Content with Adobe Flash Access
Join us for an overview of Adobe's solutions for content protection on the Adobe Flash Platform. Discover the best practices for monetizing premium content, understanding the content distribution ecosystem, developing more secure content workflows and moving media more securely around the internet. You will also learn how to integrate content protection directly within your interactive media player using Open Source Media Framework.
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