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CS5.5 Roadshow: Episodes 5-8
CS5.5 Roadshow: Episodes 5-8
In this episode, our four presenters demonstrate Flash professional, After Effects, Dynamic Link, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator.
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Flash Professional
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 4,851
  • Added: Jul 11, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:61:10
  • Tags: Flash, 3D Camera Rig, CS5.5, CSS3, Camera Lens Blur, Flash Profesional, Greg Rewis, HTML5, Jason Levine, Light Falloff
CS5.5 Roadshow: After Effects CS5.5 Features
CS5.5 Roadshow: After Effects CS5.5 Features
In this episode, Jason Levine showcases Camera Lens Blur, Light Falloff and 3D Camera Rig in After Effects CS5.5, along with the amazing new Warp Stabilizer effect, classic Puppet Tool and Dynamic Link workflow.
  • After Effects
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 4,546
  • Added: Jun 30, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:17:17
  • Tags: 3D Camera Rig, CS5.5, Camera Lens Blur, Jason Levine, Light Falloff, Puppet Tool, Warp Stabilizer effect, after effects, dynamic link
16: Pimp My Premiere Pro Rig!
16: Pimp My Premiere Pro Rig!
A surprise appearance by somebody who seems to be Kush's evil rap cousin explains the gear needed to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 & shows off his own gear.
  • Premiere Pro
  • Creative Suite Design Premium
  • Creative Suite Production Premium
  • Creative Suite Web Premium
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 5,911
  • Added: Aug 15, 2008
  • Runtime: 00:05:40
  • Tags: Premiere Pro, hardware, kush, kush, technology, IBC, ask the adobe ones, pimp, rap, tech
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