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Brush Rush
Brush Rush
Show: SternFX
Use Re:Vision Effects plug-ins along with Red Giant Universe to finalize an infomercial spot in Premiere Pro Footage courtesy of Shutterstock Footage Join us at Premiere Pro World Conference
  • Premiere Pro
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 1,891
  • Added: Jun 02, 2014
  • Runtime: 00:21:24
  • Tags: Premiere Pro, FMC, Premiere Pro World, RSMB, Re:Match, Red Giant, Revision Effects, SternFX, Twixtor
How to export comments from Acrobat to Word
How to export comments from Acrobat to Word
In this tutorial you'll learn how to export comments from a PDF file into a Word document, so you can revise the original Word document using Acrobat X or XI Std. or Pro. This is a Windows-only feature.
  • Acrobat
  • Views: 11,002
  • Added: Oct 17, 2013
  • Runtime: 00:02:07
  • Tags: export exporting converting word excel comments annotations
FrameMaker and Word: Reference Page Art for Automatic Warnings
FrameMaker and Word: Reference Page Art for Automatic Warnings
FrameMaker 11's Reference Pages allow you to associate text and artwork with paragraph formatting. For instance, you can place horizontal lines above or below a paragraph, or have a "Caution" box automatically placed above a paragraph. Writers cannot edit this artwork on the body page; one must visit the Reference Page in order to make a change. If the user revises the artwork or text in a special frame on the Reference Page, all instances associated with paragraph styles will universally update throughout the document.
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
  • Views: 463
  • Added: Apr 28, 2013
  • Runtime: 00:03:52
  • Tags: FrameMaker, Word, CAUTION, Reference Page, Reference Page Artwork, WARNING, paragraph styles
Defining Revisions
Defining Revisions
Story can automatically create multiple versions of your documents but revisions are a little different. Each one is a formally agreed state for your script. This episode shows you the difference.
  • Story
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 132
  • Added: Nov 22, 2012
  • Runtime: 00:06:23
  • Tags: Story , history, versions, Story Plus, comparison, project management, revisions, rewrite
Understanding the control panel
Understanding the control panel
The revised interface in Illustrator CS6 includes a new control panel across the top of the screen. It combines stable and context-sensitive options to make your work easier.
  • Illustrator
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 18,235
  • Added: May 06, 2012
  • Runtime: 00:01:59
  • Tags: Design Standard, Interface, illustrator, new features, production premium, CS6, Control Panel, Design and Web Premium, Justin Seeley, Master Collection
Quadro GPU Accelerated Plug-ins
Quadro GPU Accelerated Plug-ins
Speed up production with GPU-Accelerated plug-ins This brief tutorial provides an overview of the benefits of choosing CUDA-enabled plug-ins, that include increased productivity to a more fluid workflow.
  • After Effects
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 7,619
  • Added: Nov 12, 2010
  • Runtime: 00:04:44
  • Tags: Premiere Pro, adobe, Cuda, Premiere, Professional, RAM, VFX, accelerated, after effects, aftereffects
Editing/updating files within a PDF Portfolio
Editing/updating files within a PDF Portfolio
This video shows you how to re-create or modify a PDF Portfolio after revising source files, without having to locate and gather the native files again.
  • Views: 13,877
  • Added: Oct 22, 2009
  • Runtime: 00:02:32
  • Tags: pdf, pdf, pdf, pdf, Acrobat 9, Acrobat 9, Acrobat 9, Acrobat 9
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