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Using Snapshot Browser to compare shots
Using Snapshot Browser to compare shots
Learn to easily save stills of shots in your project and use them as reference images for color grading work. Mixing Light's Robbie Carman also shows you how to import images from apps such as Photoshop into the Snapshot Browser to guide your color grading.
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Anyone Can Draw — Really!
Anyone Can Draw — Really!
Learn how Adobe Ideas can help you create quick vector illustrations even if you don't usually draw. Brian Yap, illustrator and creative director at Boxing Clever in Saint Louis, will demonstrate several techniques to create illustrations from reference images.In this session, you'll:• Learn the basics of creating illustrations on a mobile device with Adobe Ideas• See how the latest update lets you use new brush options and layer features• Discover how to take an illustration from Adobe Ideas to a finished piece using Adobe Creative Cloud and Illustrator
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