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Look Ma! Game Development with No Canvas and No Flash!
Look Ma! Game Development with No Canvas and No Flash!
Learn how to build a multiplayer, multidevice game using only HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that runs on desktop and tablets and is controlled by your phone. Join product experts Paul Burnett and Michael Stoddart to discover:• How to build a workflow using Adobe Edge Code, Edge Animate, and PhoneGap to create both the game and the controller• How to use Box2DWeb and jQuery to create the logic for the game and CSS3 to create and animate the game display• How to set up and use Node.js, Socket.IO, and Express to build a multiuser controller for the game• Insights into the challenges faced in building the game, and their solutions
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  • Added: May 06, 2013
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JavaScript Puzzlers: Puzzles to Make You Think (and Write Fewer Bugs)
JavaScript Puzzlers: Puzzles to Make You Think (and Write Fewer Bugs)
Stay alert and try to solve these "simple" JavaScript puzzles designed to demonstrate some of the more obscure "features" of the language. Try your best to answer them! But be careful — the solutions aren't as easy as they look. Learn these puzzlers so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your own code. What to expect from this session: • Learn about some of the more obscure features of the JavaScript language by solving fun puzzles.• Hear detailed explanations as to how it can cause bugs in your application.• Discover ways to make your code immune to bugs caused by these features.Note: This talk will not cover JavaScript with respect to libraries and frameworks such as jQuery and Node.js; it will only discuss language.
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  • Added: May 05, 2013
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Node.js and You
Node.js and You
Node.js is the hottest thing the tech world has had to talk about this year. In case you didn't know, Node.js is a server platform for application development that makes building high-availability APIs and real-time applications really simple. And the best news is that you code for it with JavaScript. In this session, learn what Node.js is and what it means to use a nonblocking infrastructure. We'll talk about why JavaScript is well suited to this kind of environment, and then we'll show how to leverage Node.js to build applications for the browser, mobile, and beyond.
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