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Handmade Digital
Handmade Digital
From broken lightbulbs, thousands of matchsticks, and papier-mâché to giant typographic installations made from fluorescent light tubes, neon signs, and smoke bombs, come explore a variety of interesting processes for combining a large-scale physical construction of handmade typography and graphics with digital post-production. Join three team members at The Made Shop: Marke Johnson, architect turned graphic designer; Kimberly Johnson, shop manager and producer; and Nathan Johnson, composer and art director, as they discuss the conceptualization, construction, and execution of recent handmade digital projects.In this multimedia session, you'll learn about:• Behind-the-scenes time-lapse videos and documentation of the physical construction process• The meaning of and place for the handcrafted aesthetic in the digital era• Tips and processes for digitally manipulating physical-based graphics and typography
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  • Added: May 05, 2013
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