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What is Genesis?
What is Genesis?
Learn about Adobe Genesis. Genesis automates the integration of all your digital marketing tools into one central location. See how applications, data, and processes are more effective in this analytics-empowered digital marketing ecosystem. Consolidate measurement and reporting, identify targets and segments within your customer base, and optimize marketing efforts.
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EP6 - Summit 2012 News and Secrets
EP6 - Summit 2012 News and Secrets
In this episode we cover a bunch of announcements from Summit 2012. Pearce talks about social attribution just announced at Summit. He also gives away some information intended only for Summit guests!

Adobe Summit Keynote

Summit Tech Track Resources

More information about SAINT­Bernard Enter­prise Edition

More information about CVP

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Overview of Search Engine Marketing
Overview of Search Engine Marketing
Review the basics of Search Engine Marketing account structure heirarchy and controls. Learn what you need to keep in mind when creating campaigns, ad groups, and so on.
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Swisscom Success Story Video
Swisscom Success Story Video
The largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland wants to understand each user in front of every device. That’s why Swisscom uses Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager. By uniting its digital marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Swisscom collaborates easily to drive results, including an average uplift of 40% from web testing.
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Monarch Airlines improves ROI with Adobe Media Optimizer
Monarch Airlines improves ROI with Adobe Media Optimizer
Monarch chose Adobe Media Optimizer, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. The Adobe solution excelled based on advanced features, support for granular cross-channel measurement and keyword bidding, and simulations for more accurate forecasting. Today, Adobe Media Optimizer is foundational to Monarch’s multichannel approach to reaching audiences. The Adobe solution has driven improved marketing efficiency and improved forecasting efforts. Using simulations in Adobe Media Optimizer, Monarch can accurately predict paid search advertising performance 90-95% of the time.
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