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Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 2
Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 2
Stage 3D introduction in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR lets you use techniques such as deferred lighting, screen space dynamic shadow, MRT, and more through vertex and fragment shaders. Join Jean-Philippe Doiron, Principal Architect R&D at Frima Studio, and Jean-Philippe Auclair, R&D Architect, for a deep dive into GPU programming with the new Flash Player, and discover how to produce beautiful GPU effects that are reusable in your games and applications.
  • AIR
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  • Added: Oct 05, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:55:53
  • Tags: adobe, 3d, air, flash player, games, Jean-Phillippe Doiron, MAX 2011, Next-Generation
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