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Sxabue's Umbilical Cord
Sxabue's Umbilical Cord
In the tradition of Colombia’s Nasa indigenous people, Edilfredo’s mother buried his umbilical chord to honor Edilfredo’s first tie to Mother Earth. The challenges of violence an alcoholism in rural Colombia have strained Edilfredo’s close ties to the Earth and at 13 years old he began harvesting coca leaves for export an even considered joining an armed militia group. Edilfredo, who is now 17, has rediscovered his connection with the Earth and is working with the Indigenous Guard to cultivate diverse crops that nourish the human body, the indigenous spirit and the natural environment.
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"Harvest' is the title of James Paterson's upcoming (Jan 28 09) solo exhibition at Biforms Gallery in Chelsea, NY. The exhibition will be showcasing a series of strange home-made computer games and some related drawings and paintings.
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Flex Charity Code Jam 2008
Flex Charity Code Jam 2008
Once again, Flex User Group Manager Ali Daniali brings developers together to build a rich Internet application - this time for Second Harvest Food Bank, an agency that provides food to 176,000 individuals each month.
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