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Teachers and You
Teachers and You
In our group we experienced what students have on teachers and how it reflects the students' performance and motivation in the class. Students should be more aware of their attitude towards their education. We chose to make a youth video about expressing the relationship between the student and the teachers. To portray the message, we interviewed teachers as well as students about one's feeling about the other individual. In the beginning of the video we introduced the topic in the terms of the student's point of view in a school scene. We started with students’ opinions on general school questions, in order to obtain the students' attention on the video's subject. Afterwards we obtained information on teachers' reflections on how important their job and their relationship with each other. In the program we used transitions; we also filmed the hallway scene on a hand held device for an aspect from a student. As a group we wanted it to be cartoonish so it would look flamboyant. The beginning and the end stand out in our film the most. We want others to see that they are a part of it. And we want to see improvement in students. The audience should feel that they should change for the benefit of the teachers, their peers, and most importantly themselves. We all learned how to use the Adobe Premiere program, how to use a camera, and how to interview people. Relating to our topic we learned how students affect the teachers. We have learned the appreciation of filmmaking. One negative thing we can include is that the program repeatedly shut down, it made it difficult for the project to prosper in a way that we planned.
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CSS Rules for Small Screens
CSS Rules for Small Screens
Chris Converse shows you how to keep the natural flow of content for hand-held devices, and reposition the navigation on larger screens, using a single set of HTML and CSS markup. Read the article to learn more.
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Design Considerations for Contextually Aware Solutions
Design Considerations for Contextually Aware Solutions
Learn from the professionals how to turn whiteboard ideas into hand-held experiences. Ali Ivmark, a member of the Adobe XD team, and Christian Robertson, visual design director from Punchcut, will take you through the overall design process.
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