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App of the Week - Boston Marathon in Runner's World
App of the Week - Boston Marathon in Runner's World
In June 2013, Runner's World launched a special insert covering the Boston Marathon bombings. The app is built around an interactive timeline of the day and allows readers to read about 20 individuals impacted by the events. The Runner's World audience is deeply invested in the events of the marathon, and the app features allow readers to explore the story from multiple angles.
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Touched by Autism
Touched by Autism
ARTIST STATEMENT Autism affects one in every 88 children are diagnosed with autism. Take into consideration that the average American family has two kids or more. That means that even MORE siblings are affected than those that are diagnosed! The stars of "Touched By Autism" are friends of Mia: Christian Baker is one of her friends who is part of her Sibling Group and Paul Mikulskis is a classmate of hers who she's known for years and attends Boston Latin School. Autism changes lives: those affected by autism would not be as compassionate, as patient, or as open to anybody's situation as they just naturally have to become when touched by autism. Anyone who is touched by autism is left a different person. "Touched By Autism" is to serve as an eye-opener that makes people more aware to the fact that autism doesn't just affect the person diagnosed: it affects every single person the autistic person meets. More than that, it affects the people closest to them: in their family and in age, the closest would be their siblings. Outsiders most times forget about how autism affects the siblings and this video is to enlighten others to remember everyone that is affected. The siblings, besides the diagnosed, are those that are affected by autism the most.
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The Boston Globe, Filament Group, Inc. and Upstatement and RWD
The Boston Globe, Filament Group, Inc. and Upstatement and RWD
See how the Boston Globe launched a responsive web design and development on a large scale. The teams at Upstatement and Filament Group created a superb experience across multiple devices and browsers. With Adobe's design and web tools they reinvented a venerated newspaper brand and experience on
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Tech Comm Exec Summit: Rick Thompson
Tech Comm Exec Summit: Rick Thompson
Rick Thompson of Accenture shares insights on the dynamics of technical communications in the public sector, based on projects for government agencies while presenting at Adobe Technical Communication Enterprise Summit 2011
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