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Ben Watts (part 2)
Ben Watts (part 2)
In the second episode of the series, Ben recounts the journey of making a name for himself in the Big Apple, while trying to continue to push the boundaries of traditional photography. Ben has looked through the lens at such big names as Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman and Mary J. Blige and no matter how recognizable or unknown his subject may be, he continues to achieve emotion and distinction with each click of his camera. Always donned with a smile and a playful attitude, Ben attributes his growth as an artist to his “visual journal” and how its compilation lead to his latest accomplishment, a book of collage photography, Big Up.
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Ben Watts (Part 1)
Ben Watts (Part 1)
This episode of Designing Minds features industry-praised photographer Ben Watts. In the first of a two-part series, Ben discusses the power of photography and how his love for the craft enables him to capture timelessness in a frame. He goes on to discuss how the streets and youth of New York City influenced his early work, later shaping his process and practice for commercial work.
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