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Standard Audience Metrics in DPS
Standard Audience Metrics in DPS
Access new baseline analytics reports and view Standard Audience Accumulation metrics for digital readership that comply with the MPA Tablet Metrics guidelines. View new reports that deliver standard visibility into total readers, total sessions, total time spent per reader, and average sessions per reader - along with the ability to set accumulation settings across standard metrics. In addition, navigate baseline analytics dashboards more easily in the DPS Dashboard with a revamped, improved user interface. Gain access to analytics and export report data, including app launches, folio downloads, and content/interactivity performance - all more rapidly with the redesigned UI.
  • Digital Publishing Suite
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The Meaning Behind the Metrics: Analytics in Digital Publishing Suite
The Meaning Behind the Metrics: Analytics in Digital Publishing Suite
Learn which digital metrics are captured in Digital Publishing Suite apps, how to access the reports in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and how to interpret the data. Hear how your organization can leverage actionable information about end-user behavior to craft editorial, design, and business strategy. This session will provide Digital Publishing Suite users with:• An overview of metrics available through Digital Publishing Suite baseline analytics • A review of major metrics available through Digital Analytics included in Adobe Marketing Cloud• Methods for interpreting metrics and gathering meaningful insights• Examples of how data drives editorial, design, and business decisions
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