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"back to back"

Poverty is the burden in my life and of many people life around the world. "Inferior" veils my truth about poverty and what people seem to frown upon or mock every time they walk pass a homeless person and laugh at him or her for asking for help. This piece was inspired by my experiences with back to back shelters and the reiteration of seeing homeless people like myself being mocked, laughed, and frowned upon at by people. " Inferior" will hopefully reach out to those who look at homeless people as if they were lower, as if they weren't a regular person crucified by life. We are more than a half filled cup, we are human. I want people to feel the pain of thousands of people who are out on the street and who dont have a room or home to go to. I want to change the way people see homeless people, this piece is for everyone who is homeless and deemed inferior, for all the children, teens, adults, who are afraid to say I live in a shelter or I'm homeless. This is for every homeless person who walks the Earth. For the music video we used close ups, side shots, long shots, and b roll of images and videos to underscore how poverty has an affect on us.
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Printing: Double-sided or Duplex
Printing: Double-sided or Duplex
How to print PDF pages double-sided or duplex in Acrobat or Adobe Reader X (not 10.1.2 or later).
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