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The Magic Bullet of Web Gaming
The Magic Bullet of Web Gaming
Video games are more than 40 years old, and we are starting to see repeated patterns of audience engagement. We'll show how the time between success reinforcement and the size of an audience have been linked for nearly the last 40 years. Hear from Richard Hileman, Electronic Arts chief creative director, as we explore:• How today's mobile, tablet, social, web, and console games, and new platforms like Connected TV, reflect the link between success reinforcement and audience size• How the complexity of the controller and the game serves as an audience filter over time, by impacting the learning curve of the game • How web-based platforms, combined with innovations in controlling games, can significantly boost the size of the game-playing audience
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Maximizing Audience Engagement
Maximizing Audience Engagement
See how to engage customers with content through social media, websites, smartphones, and tablets, whenever or wherever it is convenient to them. Learn how to combine physical and virtual events to create relevant experiences that connect with diverse audiences and then measure the impact on enrollment. Hear how Murdoch University uses these techniques with Adobe Online Marketing Suite to engage potential students and lead them to enroll in university programs that produce additional tuition revenue.
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