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Internal Apps: June 2014 Update
Internal Apps: June 2014 Update
Internal apps used by corporate have new features in the June 2014 DPS Update. Enterprise customers now have access to third-party API integration to build connections between DPS Apps and tools including Customer Management Systems like and Learning Mangement Systems. These integrations allow DPS apps to record content use and views for later analysis in the CRM, LMS, or other tool. Internal apps can also benefit from requiring folio updates to keep content on devices up to date. This is now supported for DPS apps.
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Adobe allows IG to effectively communicate with and provide relevant experiences to their customers. IG leverages the following solutions within the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager. IG runs face-to-face seminars. They invite people that are interested in IG. There were people that were interested in these, and they wanted to figure out where they should be having these seminars. They did some analysis to figure out where they should be doing them. They then leveraged Adobe Target to showcase the events that were closest to specific visitors. This was helpful to get people to attend events.
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Using Advanced Customer Analysis to Fuel Customer Retention
Using Advanced Customer Analysis to Fuel Customer Retention
Exposing the relationships between online interactions and how they impact your offline customer profiles is crucial for successful retention models. Membership organisations can no longer afford to make decisions on web analytics data alone if they want to identify and optimise their membership numbers. Hear how a large organisation is effectively segmenting its customers based on their online and offline behaviour to retain existing customers, grow new customers, and optimise its marketing. Presenters: Channel 4: Simon Ricketts, Viewer Insights Manager
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