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Alternativa 3D Platform Engine and Flash
Alternativa 3D Platform Engine and Flash
Platform Evangelist Tomas Krcha introduces the basics of 3D in Flash with a demonstration of the Alternativa 3D Platform Engine. (Learn more about Adobe gaming technologies in the Game Development Center.)
  • Flash Builder
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 10,587
  • Added: May 09, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:08:53
  • Tags: Flash, 3 D, CS5.5, Flash Builder, Flash Player, 3d, 4.5, Alternativa, Platform, engine
3-D Whales Experiment
3-D Whales Experiment
Supercharge your 3-D skills! Discover how to import 3 dimensional vector art then adjust size, tinker with lighting effects, and manipulate tiny, unsuspecting vectors with your bare hands!
  • Photoshop
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 163,789
  • Added: Apr 08, 2008
  • Runtime: 00:30:31
  • Tags: after effects, inspiration, student, work, youth, philanthropy
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