In 2010, when we invited Adobe TV users to change the way our videos were translated, we never imagined that in five short years we would have more than 240 volunteers and 26,000 minutes of translated video, covering 35 languages.

Our volunteers have built a passionate, dedicated community that produces highquality translations for users all over the world. We are deeply grateful for your contribution.

Recently, we made some technology changes to Adobe TV that have interfered with the community translation workflow. In fact, you may have encountered some problems moving videos to your workarea or watching translated videos. We are working hard to resolve these issues and add some improvements to the Adobe TV Community Translation project. We hope to relaunch it in the coming months. Keep checking this page for updates on our progress.

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Who can translate for Adobe TV?

Anyone can apply to translate for Adobe TV. We are looking for translators who are fluent in more than one language and can translate the content of Adobe TV videos while maintaining the tone and personality of the speaker. Once approved, you may translate as many or as few videos as you like. When you choose a video to translate, you will have 30 days to complete the translation.

How does translating for Adobe TV work?

Adobe TV has teamed up with dotSUB—the world's leading solution provider for creating, translating, and rendering multiple language subtitles for videos across all platforms—to make translating Adobe TV videos easy. Once you are approved as a translator, you will be prompted to set up an account with dotSUB. When you choose Adobe TV videos to translate, they will appear in your dotSUB workarea. You then use dotSUB's intuitive line-by-line translation tools to translate the video captions or transcript. You can check your work as you go by watching live previews, and help is always available. When you're finished, you simply submit your translation for approval, and a reviewer checks your work.

Will I get paid to translate Adobe TV content?

Adobe TV translators are volunteers, so there is no payment for completing translations. For every minute of video you translate, you will earn 50 Adobe TV points. Translators with at least 2,000 Adobe TV points get their profile featured in the Translator Showcase. The Translator Showcase will provide additional details about you and enable viewers to easily find all your translations. The five translators with the most points will get the most prominent placement in the Translator Showcase. Although the Translator Showcase isn't live yet, you can start earning Adobe TV points for your translations today.

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