Why doesn't my language appear on the master list of languages?

Because the Adobe TV Community Translation project relies on volunteer translators, the translators themselves determine which episodes are available in which languages. New translators are joining the community every day, and new episodes are being translated all the time, so if you don't see any content in your language yet, keep checking back. If you'd like to start translating for your desired language, become an Adobe TV community translator.

Why isn't my favorite video available in my language?

Adobe TV adds subtitles to many of the episodes, but our community of volunteer translators chooses which available episodes they want to translate. If you don't see the episode you are looking for in your desired language, continue to check back. As our translator community grows, the number of translated episodes increases as does the variety of translations for each episode.

How often are new translations posted?

To get this project started, we initially translated 36 episodes into 25 languages. Now that we have a strong community of translators, new translations are posted every week.

How do you ensure the translations are accurate when the translators are volunteers?

All volunteer translators must complete a screening process to join this community. Once translators have demonstrated a proficiency in their desired language, they can create an account on our technology partner's site and begin translating Adobe TV content. Each translation they complete is then reviewed by a linguistic reviewer who works with the translator to ensure the translation is accurate. Only approved translations are posted to this site.

How do I send feedback?

At the bottom of each page on the Adobe TV website, you will find a Send Feedback link. Let us know what you think.

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