Learn Acrobat 9
Learn Acrobat 9
Learn how to use Acrobat 9 Pro with tutorials selected by experts at Adobe.There's everything from Getting Started for beginners, to New Features, Workflows, and Overviews.
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Editing Text with the Typewriter Tool 00:02:31
Getting Started: 01 What is Acrobat? 00:03:59
Getting Started: 02 Sharing your ideas 00:05:11
Getting Started: 03 Working with others 00:06:23
Getting Started: 04 Simplifying form creation 00:05:13
Getting Started: 05 Business workflow 00:06:02
Getting Started: 06 Creative workflow 00:10:46
Working with geospatially-enabled PDFs 00:06:19
Web Capture & Compare 00:02:50
Using Familiar Commenting Tools 00:04:53
Removing Sensitive Information 00:03:25
Using Adobe Presenter to augment PPT presentations 00:09:22
Understanding Acrobat Tracker for Forms 00:03:20
Signing PDF Files and Creating Appearances 00:05:26
Send Documents for Review by Email 00:02:46
Remove Sensitive Information Using Redaction Tools 00:05:29
Protecting your PDF using a Password 00:02:09
Printing Documents 00:05:56
Overview of PDF Portfolios 00:05:04
Optimizing your PDF document 00:05:50
Initiating a Shared Review Using Microsoft SharePo... 00:02:48
Exporting PDF files to Office formats 00:02:23
Ensuring your PDF conforms to a PDF Standard 00:05:23
Enabling Usage Rights for Adobe Reader 00:03:16
Enable for Commenting in Adobe Reader 00:01:02
Editing/updating files within a PDF Portfolio 00:02:32
Creating PDF from Window Capture or Screen Capture 00:04:27
Creating PDFs from 2D content 00:04:05
Creating Basic Fillable Forms (using Form Wizard) 00:03:20
Creating a Self-Signed Digital ID 00:05:19
Comparing two PDF documents 00:04:59
Commenting on Video in Acrobat 00:02:12
Combining Documents into a Single PDF 00:03:38
Combining Comments 00:00:49
Bates Numbering 00:04:01
  • Creative Suite Production Premium
Automating Form Field Creation 00:05:33
Adding Watermarks to your PDF documents 00:03:25
Adding Multimedia to Your PDF Document 00:04:41
Adding Interactivity to your PDF document (links &... 00:05:18
Adding Headers/Footers to your PDF documents 00:05:05
Working with layers 00:05:19
Achieving accurate content in your PDF 00:07:31
Preflighting for creative pros 00:06:18
Introducing Acrobat 9 Pro 00:07:20
InDesign and Acrobat forms workflow 00:09:40
  • InDesign
  • Creative Suite Design Premium
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