Acrobat X
Acrobat X
With these full-featured video tutorials (more detailed than the Quick Tips) presented by Adobe and Acrobat Community experts, you'll learn how to create, protect, and deliver professional PDF communications in Acrobat X.
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Getting Started
Getting Started in Acrobat X 00:05:19
Getting Started: Creating Simple Forms 00:03:01
Getting Started: The Basics of Editing a PDF Docum... 00:06:53
Getting Started: Converting Scanned Documents into... 00:03:13
Getting Started: The Basics of Commenting 00:06:19
Getting Started: Customizing your Workspace 00:06:29
Getting Started: Navigating PDF Documents 00:05:41
Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs
Creating PDF Files from Microsoft Office 00:05:23
Creating PDF Files from a Web Browser 00:03:58
Creating and Combining Files in Acrobat 00:05:46
How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF 00:05:04
Converting PDF Files to Other File Formats 00:05:45
Converting Scanned PDF Files to Other File Formats 00:05:23
Recognizing Text in Scanned PDF Documents 00:04:41
Manipulating Pages in Acrobat 00:05:34
Enhancing a PDF File 00:09:07
Adding Interactivity to PDF Files 00:04:40
Adding Rich Media to PDF Files 00:07:37
Rich media insertion with Acrobat X 00:01:14
Saving Search Results in Acrobat 00:05:21
How to Optimize your PDF File 00:04:59
Comparing Documents 00:05:30
What is a PDF Portfolio? 00:04:55
How to Create a PDF Portfolio 00:05:12
How to Design a PDF Portfolio 00:09:05
How to Customize your PDF Portfolio 00:05:46
Working in PDF Portfolios 00:05:09
PDF Portfolios using Acrobat X 00:01:31
How to Create Actions 00:04:59
Document comparison 00:01:07
Enhanced paper-to-digital functionality 00:03:08
Using Adobe SendNow 00:03:00
SendNow 00:00:53
Fillable forms 00:01:17
Managing Form Data 00:05:19
Reader enablement 00:01:24
Creating Expanding Form Fields 00:06:11
Collaboration & Commenting
How to Track your Review in Acrobat 00:05:16
How to Roundtrip Comments between Acrobat and MSWo... 00:07:30
Security & Digital Signatures
How to Protect PDF Documents 00:08:23
How to Remove Hidden Information 00:04:41
Removing Sensitive Information 00:06:46
How to Digitally Sign a Document with Adobe Reader 00:06:56
Using Digital Signatures in a PDF File 00:07:53
Using SharePoint with Acrobat X 00:03:45
Content deletion 00:00:54
Creating Documentation Graphics 00:07:10
Printing: Overview 00:03:03
Printing Documents in Acrobat and Reader X 00:11:01
Bureau Veritas & Acrobat X 00:06:39
Rich media insertion with AX 00:01:14
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