Ben Forta
Director of Platform Evangelism at Adobe & Author
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Ben Forta
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Adobe's Director of Evangelism, Ben Forta, describes how Adobe has been innovating on both Flash and HTML for mobile applications.
About Me
I am Adobe Systems Inc's Director of Platform Evangelism. In that capacity I get to spend a considerable amount of time talking and writing about Adobe products (with an emphasis on ColdFusion and Flex), and providing feedback to help shape the future direction of the products. By the way, if you are not yet a ColdFusion user, you should be. It is an incredible product, and is truly deserving of all the praise it has been receiving. In a prior life I was a ColdFusion customer (I wrote one of the first large high visibility web sites using the product) and was so impressed I ended up working for the company that created it (Allaire).
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